What is the total supply? 
There are 5555 Fake You NFTs, each of them are unique and personalized with up to 7 properties (Clothes, Hairs, Mouth, Eyes, Accessories, Background & Body) with hidden originals amongst them.

What is the mint price?
Good question! We tried to make it simple, then decided to be rebellious up to the end. The collection is a FREE MINT for the first 70% of the supply. After that, its price starts at 0,009 ETH and increases by 0,00000902 ETH every mint until the end. But why? Our team prepares a lot of interesting things for the continuation of the project and this will allow us to finance the next steps and measure the hype & the strength of the community around the project.

How many NFTs will I be able to mint?
You will have the opportunity to claim 5 Fake You NFTs per wallet during the presale if you are Whitelisted and 10 NFTs per wallet for the public sale, 24h later. Then, it is up to you to get as many as you can! First come First served!

How do I get whitelisted?
Just be Loud!!! Be active on the official Twitter account of Fake You NFT & be active on our discord and participate in the WL giveaways. 

When is the mint date?
The mint date remains TBA for now but should happen in the next few weeks.

Do I own my Fake You after minting?
Yes, ownership is given to the owners but not for commercial usage, they are not granted to the owners on their Fake You NFT. You can share it on your personal pages like Twitter, or we dare you, LinkedIn but not to advertise your business for example.

Are some Fake You rarer than others?
Of course, we have hidden a game within the Collection. There are 24 Original Fakes in the collection. Those Originals are the rarest, you can find them on the Website under Originals with their 5 properties. You have a choice: try directly to mint one of them, or, play and try to merge your NFTs to eventually get one of them.